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Here is the first craft project I'm posting. I call it my mini-altar / fertility shrine. I gave it to two friends of mine who are trying to have a baby.

I started with two bicycle gears (one small, one large), an anchovy tin, a tiny plastic baby (from a Mardi Gras king cake), some old Mardi Gras beads, sparkly pipe cleaners, and some alphabet beads.

I used wire to attach the two cogs together in an L-shape. That way the small one makes a shelf that will hold a votive candle.

Next I used glue and wire to attach the anchovy tin to the large gear. I glued the baby inside the tin and then glued Mardi Gras beads around the inside and outside of the tin. I draped some other Mardi Gras beads over the small shelf for decoration.

I used the sparkly pipe cleaners to form a ring on the the shelf so the votive candle would stay in place. Finally, I threaded alphabet beads (B A B Y) onto a pipe cleaner and arched this over the top front of the tin.

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